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Donut Wall

Donut Leave Me Hanging!

What is a donut wall I hear you say?

At Windmill Bakery we freshly bake our donuts every day and our love of them has lead us to think big! So big in fact we have created a wall, a donut wall! With fun styling our donuts sit up on the wall waiting to be chosen by your guests. Our wall will hold 60 of the beauties but don't think you have to stop there!

The wall sits on top of a table so why not let us create a delicious donut bar. Extra donuts can sit on cake stands in front of the wall amongst our quirky signs.

Take a look below for a selection of donut options. You can design your own package and we can even theme them around your chosen colour!


Ring Donuts for the Wall



Cinnamon Sugar

Jam Donut


Colour Iced


Chocolate Sprinkle

Chocolate Drizzle


Cookie Top

Lemon Meringue

Popping Candy

Coffee and Walnut


Strawberry Shortbread

Filled donuts for Cake Stands

£2.00 EACH

Rhubarb and Custard

Caramel Custard


Salted Caramel

Apple Crumble

Chocolate Millionaires

Rocky Road

Whilst this is a pretty great list if you have a particular flavour in mind please ask as we may be able to provide bespoke bakes

The donut wall and styling is hired at a fixed price, which includes free delivery and setup within a 10 mile radius of the bakery. Once the wall is hired then you can choose your number and type of donut from the list above. We can quite happily deliver outside of the 10 mile radius but would need to calculate the delivery charge. Our donuts can also be made to order without the hire of the donut wall, a table filled with cake stands and stacks of donuts can be just as fun!

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